Practical Action

Practical Action is an English NGO that helps communities to have access to electricity. Ah, it also helps communities to develop their agriculture, have access to water and reduce the risk of natural disasters. And I almost forgot that Practical Action helps with health problems, transportation problems, poverty, climate change, and it does it all around technology. That makes it one of the coolest and most complete NGOs I’ve ever encountered.

Practical Action’s work began over 40 years ago with the thought that technology is one of the great dividers of our world. And we’re not talking about computers, tablets and smartphones. More than 1.3 billion people do not have electricity, the same number of people who do not have safe drinking water, 2.6 billion people do not enjoy basic services sanitation and 1 billion people are undernourished. Practical Action’s vision then is “a sustainable world free of poverty and injustice and where the technology is used for the benefit of all.”

With so many fields of action, the ways to help Practial Action are endless.

You can participate in challenges that the NGO promotes such as cycling rides, races and marathons; you can engage your company, school, church and community groups in Practical Action’s projects or you can help financially or even be an fundraiser agent. A very creative way to help is by giving a gift. The organization provides an online plataform where you can buy anything you want and have this delivered to the communities in need. The options here are amazing: a solar energy panel to communities in Peru or buy a sheep for a family of Bangladesh.

I was surprised with Practical Action. I was surprised with the creative and direct possibilities of helping, and I was surprised with the variety of their work. It’s hard to summarize their work into a few words so go take a look at their website and explore their actions.