ONG "Gastromotiva"

Portraits “Gastromotiva”

Just recently, our crew went out for an entire day of filming for our next documentary. After many suggestions and much research, we chose the NGO Gastromotiva to be part of People of Change. And for this next documentary, we decided to bring something different: spend an entire day with our character.

After spending the whole day with Rauny, following his routine, getting to know his history, his plans, dreams, made me think about other people that, like himself, despite all adversities, still want to make through, make a difference, be a better person – wherever they might be. Maybe many of them might be just waiting for someone that also believes in their potential – just like themselves. The experience also made me believe even more on how an NGO such as Gastromotiva (and many others in Brazil and around the world) have an essential role in social transformations.

We want to show you through these portraits, people who inspired us and somehow challenged us to continue; because, after all, it’s really worth it! Be a volunteer at a local NGO in your city or region. Do some research! Do something! There are a lot of people like Rauny out there. You can help to change their lives as they surely will change yours!