NGO "Cidades Sem Fome"

Portraits “Cidades Sem Fome”

People of Change was born with the objective of showing the work of those who make a difference. We’re sure there are several people in all corners of the world, including in urban gardens in the middle of São Paulo! Sounds interesting, right? For us, working with the team of Cidades Sem Fome [Cities Without Hunger], the organization from our next documentary, was an incredible experience. We sure learned a lot during the process and made good friends with those who are making a sustainable future a reality for us. Check out the portraits of these heroes and let us know what you think!

(As usual, all photos were taken by our amazing photographer, Daniel Lenço).

NGO "Cidades Sem Fome" NGO "Cidades Sem Fome" NGO "Cidades Sem Fome"NGO "Cidades Sem Fome"