POCket Docs :: Ateliê Sustenta Capão

One of the most difficult times for any social initiative, be it an organization, a company or a project, is the beginning. In the beginning, there are several challenges: finding the right partners, searching for the necessary investments, understanding the initiative’s essence, and mainly, finding motivation to keep fighting and believing.

We know several people and projects who are in this phase. Even though they have tremendous experience (validating their projects), they want to increase the impact of their transformation. In this growth is only possible if the new demands are supplied.

To help these initiatives that are in this crucial phase, we decided to launch a new documentary format: 3-minute videos that portray these projects (and the entrepreneurs behind them), so that they can be used for online communication. This is a shorter format, more casual and which reflects the challenges and inspirations behind each initiative.

We call this new format POCket DOCS. :)

These are initiatives we believe in, and that through our knowledge, we try to help and inspire them to grow and increase their impact.