Full-Hearted Goodbyes

I ‘m not going to lie: I am a bit apprehensive. I was supposed to be leaving yesterday, January 19. Indeed by now, I should already be in Spain. But as already discussed, changes are just as certain as the actual plans themselves.

I had a period of one-month to obtain four different visas. I filled out all the necessary applications and sent them (along with my passport) to the according Embassies. As some of you might know, one month is indeed not a long enough period to obtain that many visas – especially during the holiday season. Nevertheless, I could only befriend time and play against the odds.

Last Friday, after an agonizing wait, I finally heard back from the Australian Embassy informing that my visa (which was originally scheduled to be released on Wednesday – January 13) would only be ready this past Monday, January 18 – and due to logistical matters, my passport would only arrive Monday night. Since my flight was scheduled for Tuesday early in the morning, the odds were definitely not favoring me. I decided to play if safe (in case of any last minute changes) and delayed my flight to the following day.

On Monday, however, I was informed that the Sri Lankan Embassy issued a three-month long visa, as opposed to six months. Hence, they were requesting my passport back to change the visa to the appropriate period. This is due to the fact that I will not be arriving in Asia until June; hence, my visa will be expired by then. Anyways, after much debate as to whether change the ticket once again or obtain a new Sri Lankan visa in a different country, the later option was preferred. As a result, I will be paying a visit to the Sri Lankan Embassy in Egypt, and hopefully attain a new appropriate visa.

And after several last minute adjustments, I am finally at the airport. Truth be told, the hardest part thus far has been saying goodbyes to family and friends – a ritual which I had to go through once again today. After living abroad for six years, I thought I had mastered the goodbye technique. Nonetheless, it was evidenced today that friendships and family ties never diminish. On the contrary, it only seems to grow stronger as maturity (and greater independency) develops.

Goodbyes are good indicators of one’s personal affections: the more emotional than the greater connection. Seems like an obvious conclusion. But in such bitter and impersonal times, a little bit of affection does not hurt anyone. Indeed, I have always been the affective type – especially with my family. However, during goodbyes comes the realization that such emotional connection will have to be sufficed by the use of modern technology; and such thoughts ultimately materialize into long lasting hugs and eventual tears.

I am no exception though. In the course of a lifetime, we all leave loved ones behind; and their hearts are often carried along our paths. And as long as we keep on moving, we will encounter other individuals and new relationships will be made. Eventually, we will have to leave these individuals behind once again, only to return to those that also carry pieces of our hearts.

For those of us emotionally open, humanity can be indeed a never-ending exchange of affection. Share your heart for great love will be returned.