Flower Power

Flowers have been repeatedly used throughout the ages as a symbol of love and affection.

The power that they hold within them is stronger than even words can express, and

the receiving of flowers can also bring joys beyond measure and can even transcend

temporary affliction.

One unfortunate day, Larson Jay found himself in the hospital. Thanks to the support and help

of doctors, nurses, family and friends he was able to recover, but not before a great

idea sprang into being.

Family and friends would visit Larson at the hospital and bring flowers in the hopes of keeping

his spirit up. As Larson got stronger and was able to go around the hospital he realized

that other patients did not have the same support, so he took some of his flowers and

distributed them to other fellow patients. And, just like that, Random Acts of Flowers

was born.

Since 2008 Random Acts of Flowers repurposes flowers that come from weddings, special

occasions, memorials, stores, churches, etc and, after volunteers create new

bouquets, distributes them to health care facilities in the area. Its aim is to bring

happiness to the patients and to the volunteers. Since 2013 Random Acts of Flowers

has continued to grow not only nationally, but the idea behind it has grown

internationally. Wouldn’t it be great to have this model of giving all over the world?

What random act of kindness will you perform today?