Do Something…

We live in a constant hurry; we think we don’t have time for anything, least of all to dedicate to other people. We think that without money it’s impossible to help out and impossible to create a project. But I believe that things aren’t necessarily like this! Anyone can do it. For example, People of Change originated this way, with a good idea, dedication and the will make a difference in this world, which, in many instances, prevails negativity and false interests.

Another example is Mindy Burguin, founder of Kirabo Fundation. Here’s a quote I read in an interview she recently gave,

Do (…) something. You might feel it won’t be much, or it won’t be enough, but it is important to do something.”

I completely agree with her in that you don’t need a whole lot to help other people. Sometimes, it’s not even necessary to have anything, just the disposition and the will to act upon it. But why do we seek excuses? Isn’t it easier to stay in our comfort zone? But then again, isn’t it more exciting when we can overcome these barriers and feel we are truly being helpful? Truth is, when we decide to dedicate part of our time, money or knowledge to the benefit of others, what I always have thought is that the satisfaction comes from actually helping ourselves, right?

Mindy was able to accomplish it and that’s how Kirabo, a non-profit foundation that aims to empower orphaned children in Uganda through education, was born. It was founded extra-officially in 2000, when Mindy spent three months in Jinja, Uganda, as a volunteer at a local orphanage. There, she met pastor Stephen Kudhongonia, who’s an orphan and dreamed in helping the orphaned children in his community obtain an education. When Mindy returned home, she gathered family members to help sponsor seven students. In 2004, the number increased to 20, and that’s when the Kirabo Foundation was officially created.

Currently, pastor Kudhongonia is the coordinator of the program in Uganda that helps 48 students. Their website is worth checking out, and there you can find more videos about the Foundation’s work.