Current Recap

Life on the road has been busier than I previously thought it would be. Past Saturday, I took a train and headed to my friend Andre’s house in Sitges – located close to Barcelona. Although we stayed mostly indoors due to the rainy weather, we did venture ourselves to a surf session in the Mediterranean. After about four waves, I could no longer feel my toes. As soon as I walked out of the sea, every rock I stepped on seemed like a needle piercing through my skin. Ok, that is a bit exaggerated but it did take a while to restore full functions.

I also had already been to Barcelona but since we were so close, I figured we should visit Plaza Catalunia and the surrounding touristic attractions once again. Similarly to Madrid, the city remains impeccably clean and organized. And after good conversations, I believe Andre might be a team player all throughout Africa. With so much work piling up, I could definitely use the extra hands.

Yesterday, I finished the first behind the scenes video – shot in Sitges (post below). The concept is rather simple: document the personal details of the journey. Although I am extremely camera shy, Andre did present a good point. There will be so many incredible experiences and places along the way that it seems like a waste of material not to be documenting it – obviously, on camera. Hence, I will be doing a mix of diary and travelogue – kind of a “travlog” (for future reference, I am coining that term).

In regards to the actual short documentaries, today I finally finished shooting all the footage I needed to put the second video together. Fundacion Cibervoluntarios has been extremely kind and helpful, and I truly hope this video far exceeds their (and mine) expectations. So far, I have been the biggest critic of my own work. There is a lot to be improved; yet, this is what this journey is mainly about.

Currently, I have two days to edit over 150 minutes of footage into a 7-minute video. Obviously, I have more time than that but I fly out to Turkey on Tuesday and I had already planned to finish each video before leaving the corresponding country. Additionally, I am also in the process of restructuring the website. It seems very unpractical as it is – a long body of text usually does not have any visual appeal. Hence, I am trying to find a template that will reduce the words and focus on the actual visuals (videos and pictures). And for those of you visually interested, I am also creating an album with pictures from Spain and the following countries.

Although time is running out, I still have not locked down any institutions in Istanbul. The amazing thing about this sort of work is the people along the journey. Elif, a girl from Istanbul, whom I have never personally met, has been helping me out tremendously. And I believe that with her assistance the future path looks brighter.

This is a short summary of my current life. Today, while I was editing the video, I allowed myself a couple breaks to walk through the streets of Madrid. Both times I thought to myself how lucky I am. Indeed, I am in a different country, following my passions and experiencing life-changing opportunities. Well, talk about change!