Rapanui Stoppage

Behind the scenes video filmed on Easter Island, Chile. The island presents a fragile cultural and social heritage, and further studies and research must be encouraged. On a side note, despite the perfect timing, the Rapanui man unexpectedly ran into the frame.

Recorded Bangkok

Behind the scenes video filmed amidst the political protests in Sukhumvit, Bangkok. Although the place where I filmed looked relatively calm, just a couple miles up that same street, heavy military secluded the area from protesters. Since I did not feel comfortable filming at that location, check photos section for images. The video is also being […]

Burundi #04 – Musical Masango

The convent was centrally located in Masango; hence, the population would often walk long miles to reach its close proximities (schools, hospital and church). And as soon as I stepped out of the gate, children, young men and older women would often solicit either money or clothing. Yet, the Sisters advised me not to provide […]