Double Vision, One Reflection

Thailand felt easy. Efficient public transportation, fast food chain restaurants, comfortable accommodation and several tourists – the perfect combination for pleasant holidays. Conversely, besides the weekend in Koh Tao, the definition of holidays (and such relaxed implications) did not quite reflect the schedule of the past two weeks. Although not filming or documenting, I was still caught up with work. Thailand being Thailand, also offered all the commodities needed to be productive; and so, it felt easy.

Edited Meditation

One familiar computer screen, one sky-high public metro and flawlessly designed coffee shops have been active partners of my daily routine in Bangkok. Since I returned from Koh Tao, the unusual off-camera period has assured on-computer productive sprees. From editing Turkey to writing Thailand, this game called “busy-ness” has required more dedication towards one specific activity; and the inspiration required for writing has faded away along with filters, cuts and transitions.

Restating “The Project”

The focus of the project has changed. Not for worse or better, the overwhelming influx of ideas and perspectives has altered the basic principles of People of Change. Much knowledge has been gained along the way, and the application of these ideas towards the benefit of the project ensues rather naturally. Let’s discuss change.

Island Break

Just minutes after I finished writing the last article, a trip into the downtown area of Bangkok instantly brought feelings of deception. The pre-expected chaos had indeed taken over the entire city; yet, in a negatively twisted (politically charged) manner. Dense and dark smoke rising from in between buildings, empty and desolated streets, military tanks and brigades confirmed the seriousness of the conflicts. From night to day, the Red Shirts had managed to raise the intensity of the protests, causing Bangkok to lose its appeal – both personally and professionally.