Modern Hero Manifesto

I choose to believe this project ultimately helps people. And it might make me a good person, but it does not make me a better person. These are times of superlatives. Thinner, prettier, smarter, richer and better are modern standards of superiority – creating eventual inferiority complexes. Long were the days of equality (if such […]


I will be documenting the work of a local NGO in Burundi (Eastern Africa) from March, 21 to March, 30. I will not have Internet connection during this period. In case of questions, comments or sponsorship, do not hesitate to contact me: people@fernandosapelli.com New pictures from Tanzania have been added to the photo gallery.

Hakuna Matmare

Today is the 2-month anniversary of the project – at least since the traveling officially started. Though these dates are usually a good period to do small balances of past accomplishments, the ambiguity of the future often presents enough motivation to set out expectations. Zanzibar, an island off the coast of Tanzania, seemed to be […]