Orange Farm Anti AIDS Club

I never took any classes about the ethics of photography or film. Inevitably, I generally have a guilty feeling whenever entering a zone in which I am documenting the work of NGOs, as if I am invading such space – an outsider amidst the locals. This is precisely the moment when ethics play an important role. Is it ok to photograph and film places and people without their consent? I believe profit (and nonprofit) borderlines the answer. There is no profit involved in this project; yet, I generally refrain from documenting anything I do not have permission – otherwise the wrong impression might be bestowed.

Travel, Music and Soul

Johannesburg is one of those cities, which despite its bad reputation can provide an overwhelming home feeling. Truth be told, in five days, I have not left the perimeters of the neighborhood I am currently staying. Melville is sort of a one-street African SoHo: several cafes, bars and alternative shops line-up the street. Popular among the artsy crowd, the coffee shops have turned into provisory offices.

Vocation: Vacation

The objective of “People of Change” has always been closely tied with the idea of inspiring others to do volunteer work. Traveling in itself is an inspiring aspiration; and the crucial combination of both – volunteerism and traveling – is an ideal method to explore different corners of the Earth. From personal experience, non-governmental organizations […]

Cape to Cape

Scenically located along the Table Mountain Range, and bordered by two different oceans, Cape Town robustly stands as one of the most picturesque locations in the world. For both the lovers of nature and city culture, this southwestern portion of Africa provides it all. The incredible amount of alternatives underline the different paths trailed along […]