These are the latest news about People of Change: where we stand, what we’ve accomplished, how far we’re going. Whenever we feel strongly about a subject, here’s also where we like to express our opinion about it.

The True Cost of the World Cup

The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is quickly approaching, and with it also comes excitement and controversy. But, have you heard any news of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar? It might seem too soon, but the violations of human rights have already been set in motion. In September of 2013 The Guardian had a special […]

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Happy Holidays!

People of Change wishes all of our friends happy holidays and a great new year! We will continue helping organizations and inspiring people through our documentaries in 2014, and we invite everyone to join us in this journey. Thanks for sharing our stories! See you soon!

The Point of View of a “Zmagriya”

The call to prayer sounds in the city, countless voices of the muezzins mingle with the din of daily life. That’s it, I’m back in Morroco – the “bled”, as they say, after two years of absence. They call me little “Zmagriya,” literally translated as “those who have fled poverty,” which is not my case. […]


Quarterly News :: October 2013

I usually take this opportunity to share what has been accomplished in the past quarter. It’s a tradition we started this year in order to openly communicate with our community; yet, this time around, I want to do something different. Not because we don’t have any news – on the contrary. News are part of […]