After wearing the same T-shirt for over eight consecutive nights and smelling the aftermath, freshly laundered clothes become rather a commodity. And in this spectrum of commodities, people relations are just as important as maintaining a respectable appearance. Although scruffiness has grown over most of the exposed facial skin, personality has turned into an inseparable […]

Tatawor Association

The incredible work of Rotary International has always been a source of inspiration, and although I never had the opportunity to participate in a club meeting, I was invited by Mr. Samir Seikaly to join Amman club members in the 105th anniversary celebration of this international Organization. Rotary’s reputation far exceeds any words I might […]


It’s that time again: allowing my heart to speak louder than my mind. It is challenging exposing your inner feelings in such public way but ultimately I feel disappointed. And the current lack of familiar faces around makes me resort to you. Disappointed because I am trying to put this entire project together and every […]