High Spirits (Continued)

The greatest aspect about being sick is the high energy that ensues after full recovery has been achieved. As they say, after a storm comes a calm. I could not feel differently. By Wednesday morning, I was still feeling a bit weary – and the four-hour drive from Kuta to Blimbingsari certainly did not contribute. Curve after curve, an upset stomach and remaining signs of fever kept liquids right at the borderline between mouth and throat, yet I could feel the energy being restored.

High Spirits

If a fortuneteller had told me five months ago I would be watching a football match in a small rural town in West Bali amidst a funeral, I would have probably laughed in disbelief. One of the most embarrassing moments thus far, laughter was indeed the best way to maintain control of the situation. Sometimes, despite all controversies, we can only accept the surroundings and find illogical reasons to raise the spirits.

Possibilities of the Mind

Surf culture dominates the atmosphere around the island; Bali epitomizes surf and surfers dream of Bali. After a four-month dry spell, the anticipated aquatic return had to occur. Despite the general discomfort, a surf session in surf paradise seemed an option to cure the body. After over three hours within cool ocean waters, the shivers became too strong to fight off. And so I surfed one final wave onto warmer sheets.

Limitations of the Body

One can be infinitely good willed; yet, the completion of each envisioned deed can only be sustained through a healthy body (and mind). First major downfall of the journey, in the prospect of five months, one consuming sickness seems rather an optimistic outcome. An unexpected dengue fever diagnosis surely confirmed the severity of acute discomfort, and despite the eventual schedule pushback, under such circumstances, the mind lost control over the body.