The Role of Profit Not For Profit

During this journey, I came across the unique concept of “pay to volunteer.” It caught me off guard since I was not familiar with its implications. My immediate thought, “who would want to pay to work as opposed to getting paid for the work provided?” Maybe completely bombarded with capitalist ideals, I immediately attacked the organizations practicing such concept. Yet, after documenting the work of one of these institutions, the not-so-simple concept steered further thoughts.

The Wayside Chapel

Australia’s current economical reality significantly diverges from other far less developed nations; this is not to affirm that Australia does not have its own problems. Stronger economy brings a higher purchasing value of commodities. Some of these commodities however, can be detrimental, both to human beings and society (drugs being one of them). In fact, drug addiction does not derive from economical terms; we can observe similar issues in every other country. Addiction results rather as a social problem; and problems need solutions.

Between The Lines

Someone just recently told me, “You are living the dream.” I immediately consented with the statement, yet far from settling as the truth. I could not help but enquire myself: “whose dream was I living?” The past few months certainly have brought otherwise dreamy experiences, but “the dream,” as far as I am concerned, has an absolute distinct meaning. When I was in Los Angeles, working for a giant corporation, which would compensate the labor through salaries, which would then be used to purchase goods and savory meals – that was the dream. Along the way, I have encountered nothing but reality.