These are the latest news about People of Change: where we stand, what we’ve accomplished, how far we’re going. Whenever we feel strongly about a subject, here’s also where we like to express our opinion about it.

Flower Power

Flowers have been repeatedly used throughout the ages as a symbol of love and affection. The power that they hold within them is stronger than even words can express, and the receiving of flowers can also bring joys beyond measure and can even transcend temporary affliction. One unfortunate day, Larson Jay found himself in the […]


This summer I found an appreciation for the city of Portland. I, along with my good friend, set off on a road trip to Seattle, WA. We were excited to leave LA, but little did we know that we would come back fascinated by a city so many miles away. Portland’s enchantment is due to […]


Quarterly News :: April 2014

Another quarter, and yet, a full semester has gone by since we last shared our news. We started our fourth year committed to continue doing our work and, most importantly, in consolidating ourselves as a registered organization. There are several alternatives we’ve been considering, but essentially we’ve been focusing our time and energy on raising […]

POC Reunites :: EHRA

Can you believe that it’s been over four years since we documented the first organization? Many great memories behind, and most importantly, many friends that we met along the way. Yes, we are getting old and starting to reminisce… and we like that! Throughout these years, the organizations we’ve documented continued their work, and some […]