Renata Quintella’s Journey

What can I do for you? Right now. The original proposal includes “right now” in the question, but being that it comes highlighted, it becomes more of an affirmation than a question. And this is the proposal in Renata Quintella’s Journey. Do something for someone. Right now. And it’s simple. That’s it. One day, Renata […]

Recycled Hope

First came the idea of creating a music program for kids. Fortunately, the program grew more than what the creators expected. Then, as usual, when in need, men are able to bring up creative solutions using all resources available, even when they’re just in the middle of a landfill. This is the background of the […]

[E]speranza :: Part II

[Part I] A few weeks back I skipped lunch and drove 40 minutes to Animo Pat Brown High School. There, I met the students that would share their and their community’s hopes to another group of young students in Italy. Walking in, I realized how many years had passed since I had last set foot […]

Documentary: The day after Peace

Late one night, as I was winding down after a long day of work, I came upon an article on decommissioned AK47. Having piked my interest, I clicked on the link, and was pleasantly surprised to see a video link called The Day After Peace. It’s a documentary that follows an individual’s passion to create […]