Too Young to Wed

  The word “wedding” has only positive connotations for many people. It conjures up images of dresses, rings, family and friends, food, and dancing. Romantic notions of a couple in love… But for millions of girls every year, the words “wedding” and “marriage” are a nightmare.   In numerous cultures around the world, the practice […]

Little Sisters of The Poor

“In this home, nobody dies alone.” Poverty is debilitating at every age, but for the elderly it can be especially devastating. When an older man or woman is left with no remaining family or friends, he or she is left helpless, sometimes dependent on government aid. One organization determined to help this isolated population is […]

Land of the free?

The idyllic American dream, with its white picket fence and gorgeous home, for many Americans is far from a picturesque society. In fact, the United States has been leading the world in incarcerating its citizens – as the glamorous, sunny state of California can attest to- with its overcrowded prisons. The disheartening fact is that most […]

The Deaf will Rock You!

The perception of the disabled community has somewhat changed through films released in the past few years. From the French comedy-drama film The Intouchables (nominated for eight César Awards in 2012), which tells the story of a rich man who becomes quadriplegic from a paragliding accident, and decides to hire a young man from the projects to […]