Bamboo School

The name is almost self-explanatory: build a bamboo school! But where? And why? The answers to these questions are what make Bamboo School a special project. It all started when the journalist Vinícius Zanotti traveled to Liberia in West Africa, in 2010. He planned to stay only 15 days but contracted malaria and had to stay longer. […]

Practical Action

Practical Action is an English NGO that helps communities to have access to electricity. Ah, it also helps communities to develop their agriculture, have access to water and reduce the risk of natural disasters. And I almost forgot that Practical Action helps with health problems, transportation problems, poverty, climate change, and it does it all […]



Recently, we’ve been hearing a lot about crowdfunding and collaborative initiatives; projects being financed by volunteers and no longer through private sponsorship and investors. This model opens doors to several projects that have yet to be implemented because of the lack of funding, and places a solution on the hands of the community. Usually, the […]