Can Clean Coal Convince Coen Brothers?

Now say that five times in a row.

What is clean coal?  Not only is this a fun alliteration, but it’s also quite the oxymoron.  Sure it sounds nice, catchy, and witty, but let’s not be fooled by that.

During the US presidential elections the term clean coal kept popping up; for, where would America be without coal? The term sounds appealing: we get all the power and energy from burning coal with no harmful effects on the environment. In theory, clean coal is technology that mitigates the emissions of harmful fuels that are produced when burning coal. But is there such a thing as clean coal? Where exactly is this clean coal technology? Who coined the term clean coal?

The Coen Brothers, along with Alliance for Climate Protection, are questioning the “cleanliness” of coal. The famous cinematic duo, with their unique style, have created TV ads that poke fun at the idea of clean coal and seek to expose the truth behind it. It is in fact a term coined by the coal industry in order to fight back against the US President’s call for clean energy.

So, if clean coal doesn’t work what are the alternatives? Al Gore strongly believes that the synergy of wind and solar energy can be an answer. In a world where Germany is the leader in solar power energy, this seems more plausible than clean coal.

Check out the behind the scenes of the Clean Coal Clean ads!