Have you ever experienced that moment when you hear of such a genius yet simple idea that you think to yourself, “Gee, how did I not think of that myself?” Well that happened to me just recently while reading If We’re Sharing Everything Else, Why Not Our Coffee Cups?

The idea behind this initiative, while simple, has a great impact in cutting back waste from coffee cups. Let’s face it, coffee is a large part of many people’s everyday routine. But, let’s take a step back to see what that daily habit consists of: a paper cup, a plastic lid, a sleeve to not burn your hands, and of course, if you add sugar, then there’s the sugar packet, the creamer packet and the plastic coffee stirrers. Multiply that by all the people getting their morning coffee…

A partnership is trying to change that. The DO School and Brooklyn Roasting Company are producing 500 ceramic share mugs. Now, you don’t throw away your coffee cup after finishing up your coffee. Instead, you take the mug back to the coffee shop in order for it to be washed and sanitized and used for the next day.

That discovery then led me to BizeeBox, another genius idea where you have a reusable takeout container that allows you to get food to go without feeling guilty about the waste you’re generating. How could such a simple solution seem so far away?

Imagine a world in which this would be the norm. No, I retract, let’s not imagine; let’s make it happen.