Vinicius Vazquez :: Marketing

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, I believe in the power of disrupting conventional thinking and providing new solutions that have a real impact in the world. My currently mission in People of Change is to bring new ventures that enhance visibility and influence of the project in Brazil. With a Marketing and Business background, I expect to bring new possibilities and solutions focusing on the generation of social change in the Brazilian third sector.

Member of People of Change since January 2013.

Vinicius Vazquez's entries:

Thinking (and Acting) Differently

Sometimes inspiration comes from the most unexpected sources, and for me it came from the Norwegian Foreigner Film Oscar Winner “Kon Tiki“. The movie is based on a true story of ethnographer, writer and most of all, adventurer Thor Heyerdahl, who, with a self-built raft traveled across the Pacific Ocean covering almost 7.000 km. When […]


Change in Brazil :: Atitude

Where are the People of Change? It’s hard to avoid hearing public commentaries about the routine issues that affect the average ‘carioca’ life. Not so long ago in our history, chimeras and dragons where fought with bravery by true champions, but today there are monsters and ghosts bringing headaches and haunting our ears on a […]