Robert Staley – English Editor

I’m a 21 year old California Native. The great beach city Venice Beach is the place I’m proud to call both my home and hometown that I am lucky enough to have returned to after a few years in Texas.

I spent the entirety of my teen years in the independent Lone Star State, Texas. I moved to the state and attended both high school and university there. I was a part of a new program, and school, in high school, which allowed me to receive both my High School Diploma and Associate’s degree at the time of my high school graduation. I worked long and hard, and soon came to feel at home in the Lone Star State, so I decided to stay and attend Texas Tech University (Guns Up!) where I quickly graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in English: Literature and Language in the short time of just two years and at the age of 20 years old. From there I moved back to California and became an ESL teacher at a small private language school in the city of Santa Monica, just a hop, skip, and a jump away from my hometown, Venice Beach.

At the language school I am still working at today, I learn about many different cultures, considering most of the students are from what it seems like every country in the world. Learning about other cultures soon became one of my favorite things to do. Not long before, but while I was still in college, I studied abroad and had decided to travel the world after college. Returning to California, working at this private school, and meeting the other teachers who all had stories about their times abroad, has reignited my passion and urge to travel.

One of the teachers who inspired me to continue my journey was Nancy Silva, another member of this organization. She introduced me to the concept, and I found it inspiring and fascinating. I want to travel, but I know the world wouldn’t be anywhere without the good people of the planet who decide to make a change, even if the change is small because no matter what, we all can do our part. After hearing about the organization, I was on board with helping, so I asked to become an English Editor! I am excited to begin working and showing people around the world what true People of Change are.