Rafael Alberico :: Business Developer

Son of a Paulistana mother and Pernambucano father. Without luxuries, I was raised on the basis of different recipes involving pasta, sun-dried beef, history books, films, footbal and music. Influences, both from my father and my mother, which made me a writer divided among several standards of culture and Brazilian life; facts that helped direclty putting together the puzzle of my life. The biggest joy in life? As an English friend who constantly tried to say some Spanish expressions once said: “Hacer al tun tun”… Why standards? They exist to be broken.

I’ve worked at companies such as Natura, Nexial, Movie e Art, among others, but it was through lecturing and turning the dream of being a university professor a reality, that I found myself in life and had the assurance that I was directly helping in the social transformation of the planet. I’m passionate about people, stories and always willing to thank, because thanking is always the best way to deserve. Member of People of Change since October 2013.