Nancy Silva :: Spanish Editor

Since I can remember traveling has been part of my life, and with the travels came a new understanding of people with a different culture and language. Eventually  the similarities between the cultures and people became highlighted more than the differences. Most notably, my living experiences in both Europe and South Korea allowed me to see the beauty that this world and its people have to offer. The love for travel evolved for the love of the planet and the people, thus allowing me to continue to “travel” in any corner of the world. I firmly uphold that as long as we are exposed to the global realities we can make a change, not only in other people’s lives but also in our own. Through the different means at our disposal (be it literature, film, art, NGO’s, blogging etc.) we can help bridge gaps that confine and divide us. I currently live in Los Angeles and am pursuing a PhD in Italian literature at UCLA.

Member of People of Change since May 2012.

Nancy Silva's entries:

The True Cost of the World Cup

The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is quickly approaching, and with it also comes excitement and controversy. But, have you heard any news of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar? It might seem too soon, but the violations of human rights have already been set in motion. In September of 2013 The Guardian had a special […]

Orphans for Orphans

I find it fascinating whenever I meet people who although having known tragedy still continue to have a happy spirit, one that is always willing to live and to give. That’s why I instantly became impressed with the origin of Gandy Orphans for Orphans’. Imagine losing a parent and even worse both parents at a […]

Land of the free?

The idyllic American dream, with its white picket fence and gorgeous home, for many Americans is far from a picturesque society. In fact, the United States has been leading the world in incarcerating its citizens – as the glamorous, sunny state of California can attest to- with its overcrowded prisons. The disheartening fact is that most […]