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Kristin Gierman :: Author

As an urban explorer and itinerant naturalist, I enjoy city and environmental landscapes. Exploration is a huge motive of my soul! I am constantly excited to see new things and meet new people. My life is characterized by lots of movement and novel experiences in different kinds of activities in music, language, culture and outdoors.

In the redwood forest of Humboldt County, I got my Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography with a Minor in Spanish.  For the past five years, I have taught English and Spanish, worked in ecotourism and wilderness therapy. I enjoy yoga, rock climbing, writing, backpacking, drinking coffee, reading, learning about Chinese culture, history and politics and all roots music of the world. I have dabbled in documentary filmmaking and travel writing.

Through POC, I hope to re-inspire my need to be an active voice for alternatives to dominate political systems, solutions for climate change, humanitarianism through empowerment and environmentalism through education and support for renewable energy projects. I feel blessed to have encountered this community of folks who feel strongly about these topics, too! Member of People of Change since January 2014.