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I was born and raised in Mar Del Plata, Argentina, and in 2002, I moved to Spain with my family. If there’s one word that I like to use to define myself is beginner – “the beginner’s mind” – a Zen concept, which describes the mind as free, without limits and conditions, and open to all possibilities. I try to always keep a beginner attitude in life, whiling to enjoy and learn with every situation. I firmly believe that a positive attitude and the unison of people can bring change, and the opportunity of being part of POC gives me such possibility. I hope, through this project, many people feel inspired, and that day after day we become more conscious, united by and for the change…and that we achieve a better world to live in.

Member of People of Change since June 2012.

Julieta Torres's entries:

What makes you smile?

Simple question with a huge impact. This is what Make DC Smile is asking to their community in one of this recent projects. They create an interactive chalkboard in a public space asking people “What makes you smile?”, which allows residents to take a moment and remember the things that make them happy. Everybody has […]

Seeing With New Eyes

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” Marcel Proust Somebody sent me this quote the other day, and in the moment  I currently find myself (in a way “discovering new landscapes”), this quote takes on a special meaning. What do we see when we look? Or better yet, what […]