Jonatas Pontes :: Filmmaker

I graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from Mackenzie Presbyterian University. I have worked in many different areas such as design, architecture, media and important film productions. I was born and raised in Jundiaí and have been living in Sao Paulo for 7 years. I have spent some time in London and Peru as well. My sister once said that we can be happy working on several different things, there’s not only one option, but only a few things can make us complete. Every time I get involved with projects like People of Change, I’m remimded of how this feels. I believe in People of Change as a diffuser and supporter of social works as well as a strong pillar for people who want to get involved in similar initiatives.

Member of People of Change since April 2012.

Jonatas Pontes's entries:

Less = More

A few weeks ago I read an article in the New York Times titled “Living with less. Much less.” In this article, Graham Hill describes how his life in the 90s was driven by excessive consumption, stress and superfluous things, all which were unnecessary. Hill says it took “15 years, a great love and a […]

Bamboo School

The name is almost self-explanatory: build a bamboo school! But where? And why? The answers to these questions are what make Bamboo School a special project. It all started when the journalist Vinícius Zanotti traveled to Liberia in West Africa, in 2010. He planned to stay only 15 days but contracted malaria and had to stay longer. […]

Practical Action

Practical Action is an English NGO that helps communities to have access to electricity. Ah, it also helps communities to develop their agriculture, have access to water and reduce the risk of natural disasters. And I almost forgot that Practical Action helps with health problems, transportation problems, poverty, climate change, and it does it all […]