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In the midst of a transitional phase of my life, I am so excited to explore the world with People of Change! My love for books, learning, and education prompted me to go back to school after receiving a degree in accounting and completely switch fields to Library and Information Science. I am now working on finishing up my Master’s and looking forward to a change of pace from the 9-5 lifestyle. Having worked in a cubicle for the past four years, I am anxious to break out, meet people, and find a corner of the world where I can make a positive impact by promoting information literacy and equality in education. The Internet is such a powerful tool that I believe, if used responsibly, can inspire meaningful, global movements.

Member of People of Change since March 2013.

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Child sponsorship programs have proponents and opponents, something which I was not aware of when I began sponsoring Siba in India 7 years ago. Siba lives in the rural community of Gajal, approximately 250 miles from Calcutta. He lives with his mother, a single parent who sometimes is able to find work on farms. To […]

Sing for Hope

Music serves to inspire and to unite. What better city to see the effects of this phenomenon than in the diverse, populous city of New York? Fostering unity and collaboration in a diverse community was the driving force behind the creation of Sing for Hope, a non-profit organization started in New York in 2006. Created […]


Every now and then the average person has the occasion to ponder the question, “What would I do for a living if money were no object?” I find this mental exercise to be very beneficial in identifying one’s passions and focusing one’s energies. Having thought it through numerous times myself, I can now confidently say […]

Champions of the Earth

While Earth Day brings environmental issues to the attention of the general public once a year, some individuals have them on their mind all year long. There are grassroot groups all over the world who devote their time to battling for Mother Earth. While many of these conscientious men or women largely go unrecognized, some […]