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In the midst of a transitional phase of my life, I am so excited to explore the world with People of Change! My love for books, learning, and education prompted me to go back to school after receiving a degree in accounting and completely switch fields to Library and Information Science. I am now working on finishing up my Master’s and looking forward to a change of pace from the 9-5 lifestyle. Having worked in a cubicle for the past four years, I am anxious to break out, meet people, and find a corner of the world where I can make a positive impact by promoting information literacy and equality in education. The Internet is such a powerful tool that I believe, if used responsibly, can inspire meaningful, global movements.

Member of People of Change since March 2013.

Heather Harrison's entries:

Too Young to Wed

  The word “wedding” has only positive connotations for many people. It conjures up images of dresses, rings, family and friends, food, and dancing. Romantic notions of a couple in love… But for millions of girls every year, the words “wedding” and “marriage” are a nightmare.   In numerous cultures around the world, the practice […]

Little Sisters of The Poor

“In this home, nobody dies alone.” Poverty is debilitating at every age, but for the elderly it can be especially devastating. When an older man or woman is left with no remaining family or friends, he or she is left helpless, sometimes dependent on government aid. One organization determined to help this isolated population is […]

New Door

Business isn’t just about profit. That is one of the mottos of one of San Francisco’s most exciting non-profits: New Door. New Door Ventures’ mission is simple: to prepare at-risk youth for work and life. Beginning as an organization focused on the homeless in 1981, New Door has refocused its energy into providing internships, job […]

A Room to Read

International Literacy Day, celebrated on September 8, was first established by UNESCO in 1966. Forty-seven years later, the social issue of illiteracy still affects over 775 million people in the world. One in five adults has difficulty reading. This lack of a basic education prevents individuals, families, and communities from rising out of poverty. Room […]