Aislinn Vahí Ferguson :: Spanish Translator

I’ve been translating my whole life. I grew up in Spain in a bilingual home, my mom would speak to me in English and give me classes every day and my dad would speak to me in Spanish. Ever since I can remember the people around me would ask me to translate every possible thing for them, and the thing is that I enjoyed it. I will never forget the first time I translated something on paper it was the song “Barbie Girl” by Aqua and the rest is history. Ever since then it became like second nature for me to translate because I really loved having this “power” that most of the other people in Spain didn’t have. I also enjoyed helping people get meaning and the satisfaction of doing so.

During college a had a hard time picking a career because I moved here from Spain when I was fifteen so I had a lot of catching up to do even though I had learned English at home and my mom had done an amazing job teaching me the grammar. I often felt lost and felt like no one could understand how hard school was for me since I hadn’t had the schooling in the same country that others had had. But I didn’t let it get me down, I completed my undergrad associates degree in a community college and right before transferring to San Diego State University to complete my Bachelors degree I decided to choose Linguistics as a major. Once I transferred to San Diego State University I discovered the Translating and Interpretation certificate program which really caught my attention. Since the program consisted of 5 classes in the Spanish department I decided to also major in my mother tongue: Spanish. I couldn’t believe I could have the chance to do something I enjoyed so much: translating and interpreting.

Since I graduated in May 2012, I have moved to Los Angeles and now work as an ESL teacher which was one of my other major dreams. When I moved here I felt like I didn’t get the support I wanted from my teachers so I felt like since I know how it feels, I would make a good ESL teacher. It has been a great journey where I enjoy what I do every day and absolutely love my students and my peers. Through this job a met Nancy who got me into People of change. I have noticed that not only do I support People of Change and their ideology but I love translating for them! It’s so much fun and I’m so proud of the work we do. So thank you People of Change.

Member of People of Change since January 2014.