Our Mission: Document the work of people and organizations, which ultimately strive for the betterment of their community through sustainable changes.

Our Vision:  A new media strategy that uses communication to inspire others to advocate constructive and benefitial work throughout the world.

People of Change :: Global Solutions


The core mission of People of Change regards the creation of short documentaries for selected organizations, which ultimately strive for the betterment of their community through sustainable changes. These chosen projects have a great positive impact on the local population, and have yet to obtain a global voice and further recognition. In fact, the viral distribution of these videos permit increased visibility amidst our globalized world community. Visibility (and recognition) are essential to the survival of any non-profit struggle since it brings funding, volunteers and eventual growth.

The primary goal of the project is to closely work with each organization in order to impartially depict its real impact on local communities. These short documentaries thoroughly portray the work of each organization and its invaluable effort to assist our global population through local actions. The videos are solely intended for online distribution, and the work is done on a volunteer basis. People of Change focuses on the constructive use of new technologies to propagate and inspire other people to advocate similar work. Newspapers, magazines and television are often filled with pessimistic ideas of our current global situation. Indeed, the reasons behind this thrust are rooted in our current perception of the world; or rather, our current perception of the world constructed by mainstream media. We need inspiration, and not desolation.

We believe these projects, ideas and struggles, if properly communicated and shared, can inspire others to do similar work and start similar initiatives in different parts of world. Searching for these solutions, People of Change has already through sixteen different countries: Brazil, Spain, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Tanzania, Burundi, South Africa, Namibia, Ghana, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia and Chile (Easter Island). These countries were chosen due to their drastic differences – both geographical and sociological. Currently, we are based in Brazil, documenting the work of local organizations.

Although People of Change is not an officially registered non-governmental organization, the project applies similar principles towards the benefit of other institutions. In case you want to publish and share articles, photos or videos about your own work or other organizations, feel free to contact us. We are always looking for new stories, people and change.


:: people@weofchange.com ::


Aislinn Vahí Ferguson :: Spanish Translator

I've been translating my whole life. I grew up in Spain in a bilingual home, my mom would speak to me in English and give me classes every day and my dad would speak to me in Spanish. Ever since I can remember the people around me would ask me to translate every possible thing for them, and the thing is that I enjoyed it. I will never forget the first time I translated something on paper it was the song "Barbie Girl" by Aqua and the rest is history. Ever since then it became like second nature for me to translate because I really loved having this "power" that most of the other people in Spain didn't have. I also enjoyed helping people get meaning and the satisfaction of doing so. During college a had a hard time picking a career because I moved here from Spain when I was fifteen so I had a lot of catching up to do even though I had learned English at home and my mom had done an amazing job teaching me the grammar. I often felt lost and felt like no one could understand how hard school was for me since I hadn't had the schooling in the same country that others had had. But I didn't let it get me down, I completed my undergrad associates degree in a community college and right before transferring to San Diego State University to complete my Bachelors degree I decided to choose Linguistics as a major. Once I transferred to San Diego State University I discovered the Translating and Interpretation certificate program which really caught my attention. Since the program consisted of 5 classes in the Spanish department I decided to also major in my mother tongue: Spanish. I couldn't believe I could have the chance to do something I enjoyed so much: translating and interpreting. Since I graduated in May 2012, I have moved to Los Angeles and now work as an ESL teacher which was one of my other major dreams. When I moved here I felt like I didn't get the support I wanted from my teachers so I felt like since I know how it feels, I would make a good ESL teacher. It has been a great journey where I enjoy what I do every day and absolutely love my students and my peers. Through this job a met Nancy who got me into People of change. I have noticed that not only do I support People of Change and their ideology but I love translating for them! It's so much fun and I'm so proud of the work we do. So thank you People of Change. Member of People of Change since January 2014.

André Ferrari :: Post-Production Coordinator

I'm not a nerd. I just read a lot! Graduated in System Analysis, I've always worked with publicity. Lover of good photography independently from the equipment because the final result is what matters. For me, social works shouldn't be a differencial; they should be routine. I believe People of Change is a vehicle that approximates institutions to people and when this connection happens, things start to flow.
Member of People of Change since January 2013.

Andre Freire :: Contributor

Born and raised in Brazil I consider myself a citizen of the world, having lived in Germany, United States, Spain and Scotland, where I currently live. I graduated with a degree in International Business with a specialization in Marketing from the San Diego University and currently work in the financial sector. In 2010 I had the opportunity to travel around the world in 4 months stopping in 13 countries. During the trip, I had the first contact with the fascinating project "People of Change" run by Fernando Sapelli. Now, as a contributor of the project and together with the entire POC team I hope to be able to raise awareness to social issues and to the work of the millions of NGOs around the world. Member of People of Change since May 2012.

Danilo Pontes :: Editor

Currently studying Radio & TV at Anhembi Morunbi. Born in Jundai and currently living in São Paulo, where I work in editing and post-production for film and television. I appreciate the image, video and art that involves all the elements. I also believe there’s nothing better than to add value to our existence, loving and fighting for our beloved ones. Member of People of Change since April 2012.

Fernando Sapelli :: Director

Born and raised in Brasil, I concluded part of my education in Ireland and Italy before moving to the United States to pursue a double BA in Film & Media Studies and Dramatic Arts at the University of California, Santa Barbara. In Los Angeles, I worked in prestigious film and television companies like Leonardo diCaprio’s production company Appian Way and Sony Pictures Television, and directed/produced several productions. In 2010, I decided to follow my true passion and utilize my knowledge towards the benefit of those who needed, creating the independent and volunteer project People of Change. After traveling through over 16 countries for a period of 10 months, the documentaries were utilized as a fundraising tool and to increase volunteer awareness for the organizations. Currently, I’m producing, alongside Oscar nominee Hank Levine, the documentary “Exodus,” which depicts the current scenario of global human dislocation, chiefly refugees. I also work with internet and new technologies, and write about relevant social issues for Global Voices. I’m always looking for new opportunities to make a difference. @fernandosapelli Member of People of Change since January 2010.

Gabi Rombaldi :: Communication

Graduated in International Relations at FAAP, with the final theses: “Child Soldiers in Armed Conflicts”, I have always been attracted, interested and involved with social and humanitarian projects, through my professional and personal experiences and also my living experiences within different cultures in different countries. Due to my passion for this broad and complex issue, that, in fact, boils down to the ability of human being to simply show their generosity and compassion for others, and because of my interest in these people that really make changes happen, I understand that being part of People of Change represents a great opportunity to learn more and to put into practice everything I believe that can and should be done through communication, information, integration and interaction between people and communities around the world we live in. Member of People of Change since April 2012.

Heather Harrison :: Author

In the midst of a transitional phase of my life, I am so excited to explore the world with People of Change! My love for books, learning, and education prompted me to go back to school after receiving a degree in accounting and completely switch fields to Library and Information Science. I am now working on finishing up my Master’s and looking forward to a change of pace from the 9-5 lifestyle. Having worked in a cubicle for the past four years, I am anxious to break out, meet people, and find a corner of the world where I can make a positive impact by promoting information literacy and equality in education. The Internet is such a powerful tool that I believe, if used responsibly, can inspire meaningful, global movements. Member of People of Change since March 2013.

Jehane Jaabouti :: Author

At the crossroad of France and Morocco, I was born and raised in France. However, I currently live in Montreal, where I am attending my Master’s degree in International Studies, specialized in international law at the University of Montreal. Always pushed by a real interest in people, moved by the curiosity to discover countries, cultures and languages, I define myself as a world citizen, involved in a growing global civil society, in order to find global solutions to global issues. I am intimately convinced communication between people, while physical as well as mental walls are raised around the world, is essential. That is the raison d’être of People of Change. Member of People of Change since March 2013.

Jonatas Pontes :: Filmmaker

I graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from Mackenzie Presbyterian University. I have worked in many different areas such as design, architecture, media and important film productions. I was born and raised in Jundiaí and have been living in Sao Paulo for 7 years. I have spent some time in London and Peru as well. My sister once said that we can be happy working on several different things, there's not only one option, but only a few things can make us complete. Every time I get involved with projects like People of Change, I'm remimded of how this feels. I believe in People of Change as a diffuser and supporter of social works as well as a strong pillar for people who want to get involved in similar initiatives. Member of People of Change since April 2012.

Julieta Torres :: Content Editor

I was born and raised in Mar Del Plata, Argentina, and in 2002, I moved to Spain with my family. If there’s one word that I like to use to define myself is beginner – “the beginner’s mind” – a Zen concept, which describes the mind as free, without limits and conditions, and open to all possibilities. I try to always keep a beginner attitude in life, whiling to enjoy and learn with every situation. I firmly believe that a positive attitude and the unison of people can bring change, and the opportunity of being part of POC gives me such possibility. I hope, through this project, many people feel inspired, and that day after day we become more conscious, united by and for the change…and that we achieve a better world to live in. Member of People of Change since June 2012.
Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 5.04.37 PM

Kristin Gierman :: Author

As an urban explorer and itinerant naturalist, I enjoy city and environmental landscapes. Exploration is a huge motive of my soul! I am constantly excited to see new things and meet new people. My life is characterized by lots of movement and novel experiences in different kinds of activities in music, language, culture and outdoors. In the redwood forest of Humboldt County, I got my Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography with a Minor in Spanish.  For the past five years, I have taught English and Spanish, worked in ecotourism and wilderness therapy. I enjoy yoga, rock climbing, writing, backpacking, drinking coffee, reading, learning about Chinese culture, history and politics and all roots music of the world. I have dabbled in documentary filmmaking and travel writing. Through POC, I hope to re-inspire my need to be an active voice for alternatives to dominate political systems, solutions for climate change, humanitarianism through empowerment and environmentalism through education and support for renewable energy projects. I feel blessed to have encountered this community of folks who feel strongly about these topics, too! Member of People of Change since January 2014.

Leandro Pontes :: Production

Graduated in Production Engineering, I work with video, graphic design and, mainly, music. I also have photography as a hobby. I’m involved with social work since 2007. I do believe in people and their power for change. Member of People of Change since April 2012.

Mariana Sanchez :: Composer

I'm a drummer and percussionist and got involved with music when I was 15. At the Souza Lima Conservatory, I started taking the studies very seriously. Soon after, I was a student at Faculdade Souza Lima, where I studied with renowned names of Brazilian music and I also started studying composition. I was accepted at Berklee College of Music, where I had the opportunity to study with  great names of the jazz scene. In the United States, I played with several groups in the Boston and New York region. I worked on the play "Mulheres Alteradas" and I'm currently teaching Beat Drums. I also lead an instrumental Brazilian music group. Member of People of Change since August 2013. Website.

Nancy Silva :: Spanish Editor

Since I can remember traveling has been part of my life, and with the travels came a new understanding of people with a different culture and language. Eventually  the similarities between the cultures and people became highlighted more than the differences. Most notably, my living experiences in both Europe and South Korea allowed me to see the beauty that this world and its people have to offer. The love for travel evolved for the love of the planet and the people, thus allowing me to continue to "travel" in any corner of the world. I firmly uphold that as long as we are exposed to the global realities we can make a change, not only in other people’s lives but also in our own. Through the different means at our disposal (be it literature, film, art, NGO's, blogging etc.) we can help bridge gaps that confine and divide us. I currently live in Los Angeles and am pursuing a PhD in Italian literature at UCLA. Member of People of Change since May 2012.

Rafael Alberico :: Business Developer

Son of a Paulistana mother and Pernambucano father. Without luxuries, I was raised on the basis of different recipes involving pasta, sun-dried beef, history books, films, footbal and music. Influences, both from my father and my mother, which made me a writer divided among several standards of culture and Brazilian life; facts that helped direclty putting together the puzzle of my life. The biggest joy in life? As an English friend who constantly tried to say some Spanish expressions once said: "Hacer al tun tun"... Why standards? They exist to be broken. I've worked at companies such as Natura, Nexial, Movie e Art, among others, but it was through lecturing and turning the dream of being a university professor a reality, that I found myself in life and had the assurance that I was directly helping in the social transformation of the planet. I'm passionate about people, stories and always willing to thank, because thanking is always the best way to deserve. Member of People of Change since October 2013.

Robert Staley - English Editor

I’m a 21 year old California Native. The great beach city Venice Beach is the place I’m proud to call both my home and hometown that I am lucky enough to have returned to after a few years in Texas. I spent the entirety of my teen years in the independent Lone Star State, Texas. I moved to the state and attended both high school and university there. I was a part of a new program, and school, in high school, which allowed me to receive both my High School Diploma and Associate’s degree at the time of my high school graduation. I worked long and hard, and soon came to feel at home in the Lone Star State, so I decided to stay and attend Texas Tech University (Guns Up!) where I quickly graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in English: Literature and Language in the short time of just two years and at the age of 20 years old. From there I moved back to California and became an ESL teacher at a small private language school in the city of Santa Monica, just a hop, skip, and a jump away from my hometown, Venice Beach. At the language school I am still working at today, I learn about many different cultures, considering most of the students are from what it seems like every country in the world. Learning about other cultures soon became one of my favorite things to do. Not long before, but while I was still in college, I studied abroad and had decided to travel the world after college. Returning to California, working at this private school, and meeting the other teachers who all had stories about their times abroad, has reignited my passion and urge to travel. One of the teachers who inspired me to continue my journey was Nancy Silva, another member of this organization. She introduced me to the concept, and I found it inspiring and fascinating. I want to travel, but I know the world wouldn’t be anywhere without the good people of the planet who decide to make a change, even if the change is small because no matter what, we all can do our part. After hearing about the organization, I was on board with helping, so I asked to become an English Editor! I am excited to begin working and showing people around the world what true People of Change are.

Vinicius Vazquez :: Marketing

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, I believe in the power of disrupting conventional thinking and providing new solutions that have a real impact in the world. My currently mission in People of Change is to bring new ventures that enhance visibility and influence of the project in Brazil. With a Marketing and Business background, I expect to bring new possibilities and solutions focusing on the generation of social change in the Brazilian third sector. Member of People of Change since January 2013.