A New Life

In these past few days, I’ve been organizing my things and packing my suitcase in preparation of my big move to a different country; and I can’t stop thinking about the amount of stuff I have that I don’t really use. I believe we’ve become collectors: we collect clothes, dozens of shoes, papers, stuff that we bought and we don’t even know why. We’ve become collectors of material, and because of the doubt of need, we’ve been accumulating more and more. After all, what do all these possessions we have in life signify? Do we really need so much?

Many of these useless things, which occupy our closets and that decorate our homes, could have a new life: a much more useful and valuable one. If we are capable of letting them go and donating them, it will certainly mean a lot more for whoever receives them.

Take for example the organization Bicycles for Humanity (BFH), an organization that gives a new life to forgotten bicycles.

BFH is a movement that sends used bicycles to developing countries, with the purpose of empowering those who receive it, giving them mobility and access to better sanitary conditions, education, potable water, food and jobs. BFH also supports local projects by promoting sustainable transportation.

If you want more information, or if you want to join the movement and give  a new opportunity to your old bicycle, then visit the organization’s website. Or, you can take a good look around and see what you really need. After all, we are all just passengers and the more we accumulate, the heavier is the load we have to carry.