A Condom Revolution

The more love you make the more lives we save.

Literally. Each purchase of the L. condom allows you to save a life in Africa. Each time an L. condom is purchased a second one is given someone in a developing and highly infected HIV country. It’s the Tom’s one-to-one shoes model for condoms. These condoms are much needed in countries where sexually transmitted diseases persist, because it is in these countries especially that condom shortages are present.

In 2012, the UN reported that about 25 million people were infected with HIV in 2011 alone. In Sub-Saharan Africa, for example, women account for 58% of people living with HIV. Yet, progress has been made, and it is most evident in the reduction of HIV infection in newborns. Unfortunately, this progress is uneven and the effort to continue the fight against HIV is still needed. L., aware of this, seeks also to educate about sex and not only stock the countries with condoms.

The revolution of this condom does not stop there! The condoms are made of natural materials, as its founder, Talia Frenkel, envisioned. Check out the Forbes interview with Frenkel for more details about her inspiration for L. For those of you in the United States L. are soon to be distributed even in major stores such as CV’s. So, why not save lives while making love?