50 People, 1 Question

When we think of people who promote changes, it seems that our inclination is to always imagine someone involved in a third sector project, determined to build homes or to end hunger in the whole world. That is part of the change, as we see with our partners, and it’s an important part, but not exclusive.

That’s how, at least, I see the matter of change. Many times it doesn’t happen at such an obvious level nor is it so explicit in society. As in the case of “Fifty People One Question“. Although filmed in the classic “a camera in hand, people on the streets” way it is still very elaborate and maximized. The editing has an intimate language, the the careful image treatment and the soundtrack help tell this story.


50 People, 1 Question

“Before the day ends, what would you like to happen?” This is the question that started the project, and the first video was filmed in New Orleans (it already passed through New York with the same question, as well as others). The majority of the people are surprised with the question, not because it’s bold or invasive, but rather because people realize the answer doesn’t come easily. And that’s where change comes in.

A great deal of the people had a somewhat egotistical answer, some admit to that and realize it, but others are just sincere, like “I need to get a job”. Amidst the wishes of being a millionaire, which seems like another wish made in vain, but the camera captures the expression of those who aren’t just playing around about finding a way to pay the bills.

Other answers go through a less egocentric path and variate from “I want world peace” to “Only so he doesn’t get tired of me, I came just to spend the weekend.” Anyway, the video shows the power within a question, and the power of change. Instead of affirming truths, honest questions deprived from any judgment can help people  reflect about their own condition and act in the world, helping them find a way that is already inside, and only needs to be discovered and trailed.