20 Day Stranger

One of the greatest things of recent technologies (especially the internet) is its power to bring people together. Some people might argue for the contrary, but if created for the right purposes, technology can be used to serve the people; not the other way around.

From cell phones to computers, tablets to smart TVs, these mediums continue to evolve and connectivity increases with them. Because of such, a great deal of our lives is also present online. Now, imagine if you could digitally share your days with a complete stranger? That’s precisely the idea behind the application 20 Day Stranger.

This iPhone app reveals intimate, shared connections between two anonymous individuals. It’s a mobile experience that exchanges one person’s experience of the world with another’s, while preserving anonymity on both sides.

For 20 days, two previously unrelated people will experience the world together. Neither one will ever know who it is or exactly where they are, but the creators hope that the experience will reveal enough about someone to build an imagination of their life… and more broadly, the imagination of strangers everywhere.

The app, created by the MIT Media Lab in partnership with The Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformative Values, is open for anyone to apply. I guess the only prerequisite is to have an iPhone.