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Flower Power

Flowers have been repeatedly used throughout the ages as a symbol of love and affection.

The power that they hold within them is stronger than even words can express, and

the receiving of flowers can also bring joys beyond measure and can even transcend

temporary affliction.

One unfortunate day, Larson Jay found himself in the hospital. Thanks to the support and help

of doctors, nurses, family and friends he was able to recover, but not before a great

idea sprang into being.

Family and friends would visit Larson at the hospital and bring flowers in the hopes of keeping

his spirit up. As Larson got stronger and was able to go around the hospital he realized

that other patients did not have the same support, so he took some of his flowers and

distributed them to other fellow patients. And, just like that, Random Acts of Flowers

was born.

Since 2008 Random Acts of Flowers repurposes flowers that come from weddings, special

occasions, memorials, stores, churches, etc and, after volunteers create new

bouquets, distributes them to health care facilities in the area. Its aim is to bring

happiness to the patients and to the volunteers. Since 2013 Random Acts of Flowers

has continued to grow not only nationally, but the idea behind it has grown

internationally. Wouldn’t it be great to have this model of giving all over the world?

What random act of kindness will you perform today?


This summer I found an appreciation for the city of Portland. I, along with my good friend, set off on a road trip to Seattle, WA. We were excited to leave LA, but little did we know that we would come back fascinated by a city so many miles away. Portland’s enchantment is due to many factors (more than could fit in this page), yet one factor was enough for me to see it as a model for other cities -its strong sense of empathy and support for its fellow citizens.

In a flash of an instant, Portland won me over. As we were walking through downtown, I saw a black and white sign outside a business. It was so simple that I could have easily walked past it without noticing it, yet, perhaps because of its simplicity, I stopped to read it. The words were as simple as its design, “IF YOU ARE UNEMPLOYED AND NEED AN OUTFIT CLEAN FOR AN INTERVIEW, WE WILL CLEAN FOR FREE”. That did it, Plaza Cleaner had won me over and with it all of Portland. That to me was the most beautiful gesture any business could ever do -help others in their moment of need.

Another highlight of my trip was the public library. It was a library that Jorge Luis Borges himself may have imagined; after all, it did seem like a Paradise to me. I was, of course, super excited to walk around the third largest public library in the US, but it wasn’t until I got back to LA and read about the non profit Street Books that again my appreciation for Portland grew exponentially.

Street Books seeks to deliver books to people who don’t have an address. They don’t need to sign up with a library, nor should they be afraid of late charges. All that they need to have is a passion for books. The organization does not see these people as outsiders or homeless just because they don’t have an address. They see them as, well, people. One volunteer, Diana Rempe, describes the act of taking books to the streets as a message that poor and marginalized people are not so different from the “us”.

This road trip, as with any road trip, helped take me out of my monotonous life and thoughts, and allowed me to see other realities that are just as real and perhaps even more awesome than the reality I’m living in LA. Luckily, there is nothing stopping that model of reality from entering other cities. Who knows, perhaps one day that can be the norm.

What makes you smile?

Simple question with a huge impact.

This is what Make DC Smile is asking to their community in one of this recent projects. They create an interactive chalkboard in a public space asking people “What makes you smile?”, which allows residents to take a moment and remember the things that make them happy. Everybody has the opportunity to write in their answer. They also take photos of the people with their own answer, and they share it on social media, which helps spread the question and get others thinking about it.

The story of MDCS started in August of 2012. They decided to hold signs with simple, positive messages to commuters to see. That day changed their lives, they say. They realized how this simple act can make a big difference and have an important impact to everyone.

After that, every Project that MDCS bring to the community are simple and can be executed by anyone. They say “As long as we change the outlook of one person’s day or week ahead, then it’s misión accomplished”.

Take a look of all of their projects

And don’t forget to SMILE! :)


Too Young to Wed


The word “wedding” has only positive connotations for many people. It conjures up images of dresses, rings, family and friends, food, and dancing. Romantic notions of a couple in love… But for millions of girls every year, the words “wedding” and “marriage” are a nightmare.


In numerous cultures around the world, the practice of marrying off girls while they are still children is a continuing condition. Families choose to make their daughters into child brides often for financial reasons, to settle debts, or to form alliances. These girls can be as young as five years old, forced into a union with men who do not hesitate to demand sex from their new “wives”. They are rarely given an education after their marriage, which helps to contribute to the cycle of poverty and the continuance of archaic traditions such as this one.


Too Young to Wed is a new nonprofit whose mission is to highlight the plights of child brides around the world. The organization is heavily dependent on photography and cinematography in bringing stories about women and girls to the attention of the world. You can help spread their word by sharing on social media or in your local community. Too Young to Wed, partnered with local nonprofits, believes that education is the best chance young girls have to avoid an early marriage. The first step to this is us educating ourselves on the hardships faced by millions each year. Please watch the video below and share it with a friend. Subscribe to the organization’s email newsletter to find out what more you can do to take the threat out of the word “wedding” for all girls.